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at Scatter Ventures we seek to partner with great minds and unique technologies capable of playing a disruptive role in emerging, high growth markets.
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the fire, ingenuity and technology addressing an immense need in a large market.
What we bring...
capital, experience, leadership, mentorship, access to high profile entrepreneurs and celebrities, as well as to the largest retail and consumer distribution chains in the world.


8kpc Inc. helps companies move core applications to public services providers in a secure, simple and scalable manner. 8kpc also helps design and deploy private clouds using a number of its proprietary enhanced cloud stacks with key optimizations built in avoiding the need to deploy specialized file servers, caches and application optimization technology. The 8kpc platform also has built-in data flow analysis capabilities to help companies understand and deploy big data solutions.

ALCiS developed an innovative, patented new topical pain cream scientifically designed to provide fast, safe relief directly to the source of your pain…without the unsightly scent those other brands leave behind. ALCiS Daily Relief pain relief cream contains patented, microscopic “envelopes,” known as liposomes, which deliver our key ingredients for fast, effective pain relief, and is infused with nourishing botanicals and anti-oxidants to re-hydrates the skin throughout the relief process. Not hot. Not cold. No terrible odor. Just a gentle, effective pain cream that works and smells great.

CherryTree helps cultivate good habits and behaviors in children. Set up goals and rewards for your child, invite family members in for support, and watch your child transform as they earns cherries to unlock rewards. Get back to spending quality time with your children and let CherryTree do the progress tracking

Crescendo Therapeutics, home of the Hybrisil line of products, has developed a highly effective prescription solution to healing unsightly scarring.

Scalability, Flexibility, Efficiency, Consistency, Automation, Innovation – For the first time a technology company has applied these principles to food production to achieve the wold's most technologically advanced and only truly scalable farming solution.

FanGate Media is your partner in Social Media Marketing and Engagement. With proven social media campaigns, tools and digital platforms (including polls, surveys, quizes, personality tests, contests, sweepstakes, coupons and a host of Fan tools), FanGate allows you to combine elements of design, media, branding and psychology to grow your consumer base, increase meaningful engagement and feedback and build brand awareness and association.

GliaMed is developing a small molecule approach to stem cell therapy. Our drug candidates have the potential to enhance the regeneration of skin, cardiac muscle, cartilage, bone, brain and other tissues through the activation of reprogramming genes present in cells at the site of an acute trauma or injury, thus creating autologous stem cells that aid in the regeneration of tissue in situ.

iFitness Hero is an exercise companion for people who would like to monitor their workout progress. The application provides multiple features that will help you plan, execute, and review your exercises while keeping track of your weight loss/maintenance goals. focuses the online dating experience to localized regions, not only bringing you the singles in your area looking for love, but involving your entire community and social landscape. Meeto is initially pursuing the Tri-State, or Metropolitan New York area.

MicroClinic started as a maintenance organization, and now a leader in System Integration and Security Management, and winner of McAfee’s Security Alliance Mid-Market Partner of the Year award and the ChannelWorld Premier 100 Storage Award.

MyoTechnology was formed in response to a growing demand for new treatments for chronic diseases and disorders of the body. Our initial product, the cr17 Hurricane, is a hand-held medical device designed specifically to prevent stagnation and deterioration of the muscle mass and soft tissue in the body caused by a variety of diseases and disorders by employing positive mechanical stimulation. This not only prevents bio-mechanical problems from occurring but can reverse the affects and relieve a multitude of symptoms.

The PcVisor Enterprise framework is the most comprehensive managed services software application available for managing your entire network infrastructure… yet is priced like a single function tool. PCVisor helps automate day to day IT Support tasks by delivering a complete, easy to use and integrated Web based IT management Application with sophisticated Patch Management, Software Deployment, Remote Desktop Management, Network Monitoring, Computer Inventory, Audit, Data Backup and Network management modules with comprehensive Reporting features, all for under ten dollars a month.

UltraLinq provides a secure web-based solution for the reliable reviewing, reporting, managing, sharing, distribution and archiving of a multitude of ultrasound and other medical imaging modalities. Breaking away from the constraints of closed-end, high-cost, local network PACS, UltraLinq offers our clients a low-cost, secure, and flexible system that provides authorized users access to vital information at anytime from anyplace. The UltraLinq service integrates effortlessly into any existing workflow and optimizes efficiency.

WhosRight gives the social community the tools and access to audiences to finally bring definitive results to conversations and debates. WhosRight’s polling technology allows the polling community to utilize freely accessible media to make their point or ask questions, and seamlessly connects to social communities to immediately access and collect statistics on audiences that will vote, comment and finally determine…WhosRight.